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Commissioner's Message
Dr. Baghayo A. Saqware photo
Dr. Baghayo A. Saqware
Kamishna wa Bima

Dear Viewers of TIRA Website,

Welcome once again and thank you for visiting to our website www.tira.go.tz in order to get updated on various information in regard to insurance services in Tanzania. The Authority is dedicated to provide information on insurance and related matters.

Recently, we have refine-tuned our supervisory system ‘TIRA – MIS’ purposely for accommodating more services than motor insurance verification. With enhanced capacity and well-integrated, the system will now keep insurance data, validate motor insurance and other properties (as a new feature), allow submission of complaints electronically (e-complaints) and complete elimination of paper stickers instead using electronic stickers (e-stickers), provide quick and quality services as well as other industry supervision parameters.

Therefore, motor insurance customers will not be provided with paper stickers by insurance service providers, they will be provided with: insurance cover note, insurance policy and EFD receipt. On the other hand, the TIRA-MIS is integrated with other supervisory systems of Government institutions like Tanzania Police Force, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Zanzibar Business and Property Registration Agency (ZBPRA), Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA), National Identification Authority (NIDA) and other regulating bodies in Tanzania Main Land and in the Isles.

The Authority will continue to renovate the system in order to accommodate customer needs and good serves. We wish to assure insurance customers and the public in general: the accuracy, stability, availability and user friendly of the system.  In case of any inconvenience do not hesitate to commutate with us through our addresses on the contact line.

Thank you