Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) in collaboration with Insurance Institute of Tanzania (IIT), on 1st January 2018, has launched a digital platform portal that will help Tanzania importers to buy insurance policies to local insurance companies for all imported goods in the country as required by the amendment of article No. 133 of the Insurance Act of 2009.

Tanzania Imports Insurance Portal (TIIP) (www.tiip.co.tz) is now active and available for use by all importers, clearing agents, insurance agents, insurance brokers and companies. Tanzania Imports Insurance Portal (TIIP) is a one stop insurance transaction platform for all imports.

With effect from 1st January 2018, all imports into Tanzania whether by road, rail, sea or air must be insured by Tanzanian registered companies.

TRA will require proof of purchase of Tanzanian marine insurance prior to issuance of import clearance.

All underwriters are required to upload data of all cargo-related insurance transactions on TIIP website (www.tiip.co.tz)